Types of School Study Desks

Most schools in the past used to buy wooden furniture for their student desks. But now, modern technology combines metal and wood, plastic and wood, or pure plastic to manufacture incredible school furniture.

The result is more comfortable, easy-to-maintain, sturdy and long-lasting school Desks. This article highlights various types of desks suitable for both primary and high school level learners.

Double Combination School Study Desks

With our Educanda's Flat Packed Range this school desk makes a great addition to every classroom. Very easy to assemble and practice your students would want to come to school with its ergonomic use. With the length it, It is very practical to place two students at the same school desk for its practical use.

Single School Study Desks Supawood

With the Benefits of being stackable up to 5 desks high. The single school desk is perfect to make space in a pinch of time making the classroom available for other fun activities. With the school desk's metal frame you can be assured that the chances of it breaking is very slim especially with wild and unpredictable children around.

Height Adjusting High School Study Desks

The desk comes with an adjustable table and seat, so children can adjust according to their comfort. Moreover, the same School desk can be used in various class divisions as may be required, saving you on cost. This type comes with plenty of space to store extra stationery items.

Vintage School Study Desk

This is a simple old-time high school chair type that is best suited for scarcely populated schools since they consume plenty of space due to their bulkiness. They are also not easy to move around or stack, making them long lasting as they are hard to mishandle. They also provide an extra room where kids can store their stationery.

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