10 Reasons to Choose us for your School Furniture needs

1. Quality and durability of the furniture:

It is fair to say that school furniture has to be some of the hardest working furniture around. Making the right decision in terms of quality and durability will ensure it stands the test of time.

2. The old adage says: “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Furniture that sits at a comfortable price point should also provide the best value in the long term.

3. Ergonomics and comfort (add classroom chair size diagram):

This step is crucial, one size does not fit all. If you are designing with pupils at the heart of your decision then you must consider their needs as they grow and develop.

4. Guarantees and Warrantees:

A reputable furniture supplier should be able to provide you with guarantees about moving parts and fabrics. Their products should be built to last; be wary of companies who are not willing to put confidence in their product.

5. Lead Times:

Schools are busy places. You need to be given accurate and reliable lead times so that you can plan your project effectively.

6. Delivery Costs:

What is the delivery charge and how is this built into the final price?

7. Compliance with regulations and South African Standards:

Legally this detail is very important and cannot be ignored, ensure all new items comply with the correct regulations.

8. Choices:

Is your school furniture company allowing you a wide enough range of colours and finishes? Ask to see the full range before making any big decisions.

9. Delivery:

Furniture is not much good sat in your reception area. Check that the company you engage with are willing to complete the job properly. Will they install and assemble your furniture? Does the furniture require delivery to a specific location within your school, and does this form part of the delivery agreement?

10. Culture fit:

Do they understand your school's ethos? Ensure they take the time to get to know your school ethos. Design works best when it fits with your brand.

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