Consider Powder Coating Your Furniture Today.

Providing the best powder coating available.

wear and tear can worsen a piece of furniture over time, whether you are the buyer or the manufacturer, this is something that should be avoided. This is when powder coating comes in to play: shielding, attractive, and long-lasting, it provides a robust solution for coating furniture. The top benefits of powder coating furniture are:

Powder coating has reduced processing time, energy requirements, and air extraction measure requirements.

Powder coatings contain no solvents and can be recycled, and in general produce less waste than liquid coating.

Furniture needs to be protected from abrasions, chips, and scratches. Powder coat is a hard, durable coating which is also weatherproof and resistant to fading.

Powder coating furniture provides a smooth and even finish across the entire surface without running, dripping, or sagging. As well as this, powder coating comes in a large range of colours, textures, and effects.

For metal furniture, particularly items like patio sets or lawn furniture, corrosion is a large cause of deterioration. Powder coating provides a weather and water-resistant barrier which protects a substrate from corrosion.

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